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Our comprehensive range of services is individually tailored to meet each clients’ unique investment goals and objectives. MSA provides innovative solutions to improve performance, capitalize on business opportunities and improve profitability.

Financial and Operational Control Analysis
Assessment of Underperforming Asset
Repositioning Strategy
Acquisition Analysis / Due Diligence
New Construction Lease Up
Presale or Loan Extension Asset Positioning
Asset Management / Property Management Supervision
Market Research and Feasibility Service









Financial and Operational Control Analysis:

Review property/portfolio workflow process to determine inefficiencies and ensure effectiveness of maximizing revenue. Complete an in-depth analysis of income, expenditures, service contracts and vendor pricing. Goal is to enhance value by increasing income, reducing costs and promoting efficiency.

Assessment of Underperforming Asset:

Perform objective internal review of property or portfolio to gain a perspective of specific challenges affecting the operations. Perform critical analysis of training, marketing, operational systems, process flows, personnel and procedures. Assessment includes specific recommendations for corrective action in order to maximize performance.

Repositioning Strategy:

Formulate programs that focus on repositioning the asset and take advantage of opportunities in the marketplace. Program defines product, marketing and management vulnerabilities, provides a strategic approach to capitalize on the assets strengths and summarizes solutions to reposition and stabilize the asset.

Acquisition Analysis / Due Diligence:

Conduct operational evaluation of potential acquisition. Analyze current and historical income statements, rent rolls, operational systems and pro forma budgets in support of acquisition decision making.

New Construction:

Evaluate the functionality and design of conceptual drawings to include: amenities, parking, unit mix, floor plan layout, unit design, privacy, etc. Recognizing a design flaw prior to construction avoids costly mistakes later in the process.


Presale or Loan Extension Asset Positioning:

Following a site visit and income statement analysis, prepare recommendations that could potentially yield a higher valuation. In the case of a loan extension, formulate strategies to optimize NOI within a specified time frame. It is recommended that this analysis be performed a minimum of six months prior to disposition and six to twelve months prior to loan extension deadline.

Asset Management / Property Management Supervision:

This service is most often utilized in lieu of having in-house property/asset management expertise. MSA can recommend operating efficiencies and offer expert advice on assignments of a specified nature. For management agreements, we complete a compliance analysis on existing agreements and provide recommendations on interviewing and hiring management companies and structuring new agreements.

Market Research and Feasibility Service:

Our unique alignment allows MSA to expand its capability to include unsurpassed Market Research and Feasibility Reporting. Our market research and feasibility service goes beyond the traditional market studies, which rely primarily on recent performance of comparable properties. We include a macroeconomic overview of the housing market as well as a complete review of all of the factors that will impact the performance of a proposed project.


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