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Our firm worked with Dee Strong of Multifamily Strategic Advisors on a very difficult project. The project was a 220 unit, Section 42 property built in 1996 in Southeast Denver that had been mismanaged for a number of years by a national company which was affiliated with the Managing General Partner. The books were confusing at best. A number of expense items were not well-documented, records were incomplete and numerous expense items were miscoded, making it difficult to ascertain exactly what was spent for maintenance. In addition, the Managing Partner was reticent to share all the information with our firm.

Dee spent several days diligently reviewing all the records line item by line item and produced a very detailed, comprehensive, complete, and accurate report. After reading her comprehensive report, we knew exactly what expenses were out of line and how we could improve on each of these line items. After reviewing Dee’s report we were able to demonstrate how the operating expenses could be reduced by well over $150,000 per year, adding over $2 million value to the property. To state that there was a myriad of problems would be an understatement. I have often said you do not know someone until you are in a difficult deal with them. This was a particularly difficult situation and Multifamily Strategic Advisors definitely added considerable value to the transaction. We will not buy another multifamily project without Multifamily Strategic Advisors preparing a complete due diligence report for us.

Dennis F. Coughlin
Coughlin & Company, Inc.


In the fall of 2003, we were in the process of refinancing a large apartment community in the city of Boulder, Colorado. We had maintained a near 100% occupancy at the project until 2001, but in the fall of 2003 our occupancy dropped to 70%, which ended our refinancing efforts.

Dee Strong was strongly recommended to me by our mortgage banker as an able consultant to assist with our problem. Our first step was to hire Dee to complete an in-depth study of our management, marketing, pricing and operational systems. Dee’s report was very decisive, to the point and pulled no punches as to what our problems were and recommended changes. The straightforwardness of her report gave us the direction we should take to correct our problems. After defining our problems, Dee was instrumental in helping us turn the project around.

We will always be grateful to Dee for her dedication, her ability to define a problem, tenacity to obtain a goal, loyalty to the owner of the project and the respect she gained from the employees on the project. Her efforts have allowed us to successfully refinance the project.

I highly recommend Dee Strong as a consultant in the multifamily market.


Robert C. Magee, CPA
RDS Management


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